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Palais d'Amor at Greenwell Point

accommodation | Greenwell Point NSW 2540

(02) 4447 2008
44 Haiser Road, Greenwell Point NSW 2540

New South Wales Tourism welcomes Palais d'Amor at Greenwell Point in Greenwell Point, for all your holiday accommodation needs, save booking direct with your provider.

Palais d'Amor is a modern well appointed, two storey residence located on a waterfront reserve adjacent to the Crookhaven River. With luxurious appointments, this home offers uninterrupted views of the river and Orient Point, and beyond to Crookhaven Heads. Downstairs offers queen bed accommodation complimented by a large rumpus where you can enjoy a game of pool or darts, or sit around the built-in bar. A large covered and tiled deck with outdoor furniture seating for the whole group will provide the perfect setting for a late afternoon barbecue. Upstairs boasts three good sized bedrooms, the main with ensuite and a large luxurious bathroom. The open plan living, kitchen and dining area has ample seating and is fully equipped. The upstairs deck provides a spectacular panorama of the area and is perfect for that early morning coffee as you watch the boats head out for the day. The property also supplies a quilt for each bed with a few spare blankets. There are two child safety gates available for use, located in the closet under the stairs, and child proof locks are supplied if needed for a completely relaxed family holiday....
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Hosted Accommodation, Sussex Inlet Hosted Accommodation, Vincentia Hosted Accommodation, Greenwell Point Hosted Accommodation, Berrara Hosted Accommodation, Bewong Hosted Accommodation, Cudmirrah Hosted Accommodation, Culburra Beach Hosted Accommodation, Falls Creek Hosted Accommodation, Hyams Beach Hosted Accommodation, Sanctuary Point Hosted Accommodation, St Georges Basin Hosted Accommodation, Worrowing Heights Hosted Accommodation, Wrights Beach Hosted Accommodation, Burrier Hosted Accommodation, Currarong Hosted Accommodation, Erowal Bay Hosted Accommodation, Numbaa Hosted Accommodation, Old Erowal Bay Hosted Accommodation, Orient Point Hosted Accommodation, Pyree Hosted Accommodation, Swanhaven Hosted Accommodation, Tapitallee Hosted Accommodation, Woollamia Hosted Accommodation, Worrigee Hosted Accommodation, Callala Beach Hosted Accommodation, Nowra Hill Hosted Accommodation, Wreck Bay Hosted Accommodation, Bamarang Hosted Accommodation, Barringella Hosted Accommodation, Basin View Hosted Accommodation, Beecroft Peninsula Hosted Accommodation, Bolong Hosted Accommodation, Boolijah Hosted Accommodation, Bream Beach Hosted Accommodation, Browns Mountain Hosted Accommodation, Brundee Hosted Accommodation, Buangla Hosted Accommodation, Cambewarra Village Hosted Accommodation, Comberton Hosted Accommodation, Comerong Island Hosted Accommodation, Ettrema Hosted Accommodation, Hmas Albatross Hosted Accommodation, Hmas Creswell Hosted Accommodation, Illaroo Hosted Accommodation, Jerrawangala Hosted Accommodation, Kinghorne Hosted Accommodation, Longreach Hosted Accommodation, Mayfield Hosted Accommodation, Meroo Meadow Hosted Accommodation, Mondayong Hosted Accommodation, Moollattoo Hosted Accommodation, Mundamia Hosted Accommodation, Myola Hosted Accommodation, Parma Hosted Accommodation, Tallowal Hosted Accommodation, Terara Hosted Accommodation, Tomerong Hosted Accommodation, Tullarwalla Hosted Accommodation, Twelve Mile Peg Hosted Accommodation, Wandandian 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