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Woodenbong Hotel

accommodation | Woodenbong NSW 2476

(02) 6635 1275
Unumgar St, Woodenbong NSW 2476

New South Wales Tourism welcomes Woodenbong Hotel in Woodenbong, for all your holiday accommodation needs, save booking direct with your provider.

Within two hours from Brisbane, travelling south through the scenic MacPherson Range, passing majestic Mount Lindesay, Woodenbong Hotel welcomes you. In the heart of Yowie Country, Woodenbong Hotel is a great place to base while experiencing the wonders the district has to offer. Comfortable and affordable accommodation awaits travellers, boasting 14 rooms suiting singles and families. Three rooms have private en suites and the two bedroom unit with private bathroom sleeps five. Enjoy friendly service, meals and refreshments in the dining room or beer garden with open air or undercover seating. Food is available seven days 12pm to 2pm, and 6pm to 8pm offering Chinese cuisine along with full menu and pizza. Takeaway available. Special requirement meal options available. Caters for all functions. On premises or your location for parties, engagements, weddings. Bus groups welcome. Bike groups catered for an overnight stay or a break and a meal. Group rates.
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